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Rabbi Salem Pearce pushes for third-world immigration into the US and agitates against her host country's authorities:

T’ruah, the organization where I work, has been one of the leading Jewish groups speaking out against the inhumane conditions for migrants. Together with the Jewish refugee organization HIAS, we have brought two delegations of rabbis and cantors to the border to bear witness and stand in solidarity with asylum seekers.
Many of us in the Jewish community have reached a breaking point. Concentration camps, law enforcement deployed to round up targeted groups, families separated and caged, and children dying in state custody all have painful historical resonances.
If you see ICE agents where you live, and you are a citizen and thus do not need to worry about being deported, confront the agents (nonviolently, of course) to make it more difficult for them to do their job. Ask them to show their judicial warrant and remind them that even if they have a warrant allowing them to detain someone, it does not allow them to forcibly remove someone from their home or vehicle. Remind them that they should not detain any minors.

Rabbi Salem Pearce: