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Meet the anti-white, anti-Swedish, anti-Russian jew Peter Wolodarski, who is the chief editor of Dagens Nyheter ("Today's News"), which is one of the many big Swedish newspapers that are owned by the rotten jewish Bonnier family:

Like the other jewish Bonnier-owned newspapers, Wolodarski's Dagens Nyheter pumps out aggressive anti-Swedish, pro-multicultural propaganda: these crooks publish sob stories about third-world immigrants while ignoring the countless crimes that immigrants commit against Swedes, and in some cases they even make up stories in order to push the PC agenda. An infamous example of this is a false article about fictitious "racist" firemen that was eventually debunked.

Peter Wolodarski. "Trust me."

Here's the umpteenth example of how the jews who control Sweden's media and politics have destroyed the country:

‘Don’t go out alone’: Swedish police warn women after four rapes in four days

Published time: 9 Aug, 2019 14:09
Edited time: 10 Aug, 2019 08:51

Police in the Swedish city of Uppsala have warned women to walk in groups and to “think how to behave,” after four women were raped in as many days.

A sleepy college town of 170,000 people, Uppsala is more usually known for its universities and cathedral than for violent crime. However, police are investigating a series of sex crimes in recent days.

Two “completed rapes” took place last weekend, with another attempted rape on Saturday night, and another sexual attack in the early hours of Wednesday morning. All four attacks took place at night, and all four victims were walking alone. Police are treating the incidents as unconnected and no descriptions of the suspects have been released.
Sweden’s rape count has been rising since 2005, and jumped ten percent in 2017 alone. Between 2005 and 2017, rapes nearly doubled and sexual molestation incidents more than doubled.