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Originally Posted by H.B. View Post
Full conversation with son and wife:


Said they plan to use the tapes as evidence without authenticating them first [WTF!?] and they plan to get his wife to say it "sounds like him" to convict him.
A giant red flag on those two conversations is that Steele does not say anything about contacting an audio forensics expert to prove the tapes are fake.

Also, what motive do the feds have to frame Steele using fabricated evidence? That he unsuccessfully defended the Aryan Nations 11 years ago, resulting in a multi-million dollar judgment against them? That he wrote a book justifying White resentment to minority "racism"? That he was a spokesman for Prussian Blue?

We have a possible motive for Steele - the Ukrainian girlfriend. What would a divorce and the resulting aftermath cost? What would an insurance payout on his deceased wife be? How much did his recent medical emergency leave him in the hole?

I would really like to see Steele call out an audio forensics expert to prove those tapes are fake (and see the person(s) who fabricated them go to jail) but I am not holding my breath.

Two slightly differing points of view:

Michael Collins Piper

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