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Originally Posted by April View Post
Just as FYI, Ed had mentioned to some of us that he was working on a book that would expose the legal system as the fraud that it is and that he would be disbarred when it came out because it would expose so many people. I am not sure how far he was on the book but that might be a very valid reason for him to be dealt with and discredited.
I hope he gets a good forensic audio expert to debunk the recording if it is a fraud. Usually frauds can be detected.

I think based on thematic discontinuity that the tape of Himmler's second Posen speech was altered with splicing (probably by the Army Signal Corps) in order to bolster war propaganda and justify the postwar order, just as many people think that the Osama bin Ladin banquet video is a fraud. However, as far as I know it's unprecedented for something like that to be done to frame somebody for a trial. A fraud like that done for war propaganda is never going to be scrutinized in a genuine legal process the way this recording will.

Is there any precedent for Steele's "Mission Impossible" claim? Is the framing of one man really worth that much trouble and risk? (Sorry, I will not accept O.J. Simpson as a valid response.)

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