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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
The job of editing a false conversation is much more difficult than commonly believed, depending upon the quality of the final result. The pitch of the voice varies during the day. Early in the morning it is lower by several half steps. It also varies with age in a given individual. Old men have higher pitched voices than young men.
This would seem to be true for several reasons.

So that is why I would be more likely to believe that the government, either izreal or america, would have used a voice impersonator that has been training for a long period of time to imitate Steele's voice. This voice impersonator could have reached a high level of perfection that is digitally impossible to distinguish his voice from Steele's. After that point was reached the ZOG moved forward. An intentionally poorly place recording device, in a barn with bad acoustics and various barn noises in the background, would only contributed to the success of the scheme.

Why is this so hard to believe? Haven't people made a living being impersonators of famous people. Could a jew like
Mel_Blanc Mel_Blanc
been trained to impersonate Steele's voice?

To pull this off, the only thing the government needed was for Fairfax to go along with it with the scheme. For this to happen, the government only needed to be able to blackmail Fairfax with jail time longer, maybe life, if he did not go along. Maybe the government set Fairfax up earlier? How hard would that have been? And now Fairfax knows he will be a dead man if he opens his mouth. If the jew was willing and able to kill one of its own loose cannons
Irv_Rubin Irv_Rubin
that knew too much, it will have no problems killing Fairfax.