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Originally Posted by fdtwainth View Post
The lying democratic tv station cnn allows itself to lie from time to time to support some useful myths in the consciousness of the illiterate lemmings, like "bigfoot" or "aliens", because its audience consists largely of (half)illiterate lemmings.

White Nationalist news media, in contrast, cannot allow to circulate such lies, since their target audience is independently minded and intelligent White men. Every presentation of such myths entails loss of credibility among out target audience.

The so called "bigfoot" cannot exist biologically, no one has ever seen it. Ergo, it does not exists, and the thread itself belongs to Nutzpah.
Relax, fdtwainth. It helps to have in VNNF what the controlled media have - the names help pull in outsiders using search engines. Some things are interesting on their own, and bigfoot is one of them. Of course, I don't believe in it, but it's always neat to see people try to pull off hoaxes. I remember saying, "That's bullshit" re that film of bigfoot somewhere in the northwest, maybe California. Where bf is walking away and then looks back at the camera. And sure enough, the guys who did it eventually admitted it. Same as with WTC demolitions. After I realized it was not a Hollywood movie, I knew it was a Mossad production.