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Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
Christianity has teachings that strongly oppose mongrelization, but these teachings are largely ignored by modern mainstream Christians, including WN Christians and Atheists.
Christianity is Jewish in origin. There is no getting around that. 'Miriam' was a Jew, the King being spoken of in Daniel was King of Judah, at war with Syria.

Until Jews bow to Christ, he can't return, per Revelations. John Steinbeck (real name Grosssteinbeck), who was not a drop Jewish, had family involved in a typical do-gooder Xtian cult, and they went to live in Israel and convert the Jews, so they could 'bow to the King' and he could return, fulfilling the supposed 'prophecy'.

For 'seedline' beliefs in Xtian Identity to be a 'thing', you have to ignore where the documents come from, the languages they are written in, and of course basic facts now commonly known about the origin of the planet we live on, and all life on it.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
While mainstream Christianity is insane, it doesn't mean it can't be sanitized.
The belief in blood sacrifice, consumption of flesh and blood, superior Jews, and making all equal through acceptance of the 'holy spirit' is simply wrong, and you would need a lifetime supply of Purell to 'sanitize'.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
Which is why I state we need to look at the Bible and figure out what is true, or more importantly, what works and what doesn't work, even if we don't fully understand why something works.
What is true and works is what was borrowed from other texts.

No need to bow to false gods, or lie about real things, to find 'what works'.

The 10 commandments come from over forty that originated in Ancient Egypt.

Yet no call to become an Egyptian.

We evolve and we find out what works and does not work. This multicult thing does not work, and Jesus does not give people a make-over, White or not White, anymore than anything else does.

If people want to become better, smarter, stronger, they get there in very real ways, usually involving a lot of work. Work is good. Nothing will magically fix it like Mr. Clean, you have to scrub.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier