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Originally Posted by Rolf View Post

Christianity has teachings that strongly oppose mongrelization, but these teachings are largely ignored by modern mainstream Christians, including WN Christians and Atheists.

While mainstream Christianity is insane, it doesn't mean it can't be sanitized.
Read Romanchatolic catechism. First Christians has been circumcised jews,Jesus was circumcised Rabbi. In one part of New testamend Jesus said that he is main Rabbi and that their followers can not called themselves as Rabbis. Bible was written on jewish language who is latter translated. Christianity can not oppose mongrelization because we are all gods children.
Reason why whites killed non-whites is because they forcibly wanted christianize people around world and with such policy they follow christs teachenings. Christianity is religion for all people and whites are minority in world so justice of the white race is mongrelization with such religion. Someone say that this is not real Christianity and this is wrong. Real Christianity is non-white religion and orginal Christians were non white un-civilised persons.

You can read anti-Christian books as Natures Eternal Religion,White mans bible,Might is Right,Antichrist,Zaratustra and then you will become anti-Christian and pro-white because if you do not reject Christianity,your children will be mongrelized.

Originally Posted by Scaramantula View Post
Christian Identity is primarily based on the ramblings of retards who smear shit on their walls and get sent to prison for stealing other peoples trash.
Of course,obsession with ancient jewish tribes while our ancestors have gods who were enemies by jewish god and their chosen people.