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Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
If there is a spirit the Jews most definitely wouldn't want us to know about it.
That is laughable, as Jews certainly believe in such. They have a special word for 'Heretic' and I've discussed that ad nauseam in some of these threads.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
They would carefully marginalize and obfuscate the available information, and 99% of Whites would fall for it because the TV and Wikipedia would never lie to them.
TV is lying to them by telling them they have a soul. The (((networks))) have entire channels dedicated to such.

Rolf: if you believe there to be a soul that resides in human beings, you should offer up some proof. No Jew thus far is preventing you from doing so, since this site is still up and we're both writing what we please--and I'm open to hearing what you have to present.

My god, even I could argue for the other side. Here I go: there is a 'triple helix' in our DNA. It is also in other living things, this same pattern. Does that mean it was 'intelliguntlie dezzined??'

I know how to refute that, too---but that's how you learn. Looking that up will teach someone a lot. That info is not being hidden, but it's not being encouraged to be discussed in an intellectual manner on TV networks. We've got Pat Robertson, we've got Osteen, we've got goddamn Atheist network last time I checked.
In fact, you can't say goddamn or nigger on TV---but you can say bitch, cracker, and shit.

Society is geared to accept that they have a soul with no proof, that niggers are the same as whites with no proof (plenty of proof to the contrary), etc. Lifelong conditioning, by Jews and for Jews.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier