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Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
Incorrect, Jews adopted matriarchism after the rise of Christianity.
Sigh. Simply stating 'incorrect' does not prove what you said.

Here's how you prove stuff.

What you said is not an indesputable fact, Rolf. Orthodox Jews date it to Mount Sinai, and Karaite Jews are patriarchal always, never adopting the matriarchal belief. Most Karaite Jews had two Jewish parents so to them it did not matter, but they rejected the concept. An assortment of Scholars disagree with the Mt. Sinai assertion, however.

Firstly, what's so funny is that the Jewish Mishnah ties this in specifically to the soul. It says one must have a Jewish momma to convert to Judaism. The term is 'ger tzedek', which means 'righteous convert', and it's what they'd call a woman they converted. Child's 'soul' not Jewish otherwise.

Like Ivanka, America's favorite Shiksa, is a 'ger tzedek' and her kid's 'souls' are Jewish per Orthodox rule.

Karaite Judaism, though, holds that being a Jew is passed only through the father, as it was in the Tanakh. They existed that way always, they never changed.

Orthodox scholars date this practice to Mt. Sinai, long before Jebus. The patrilenal descent was the standard prior to that time.

Some scholars say it started in 4th Century BCE....still ruins your claim.

Reason being, it ties into the question of 'when did Christ Insanity begin'?

Jebus was just being born in this time period, so his ministry and all its beliefs would not have taken place to fix up the Jews' beliefs in 4BCE.

A minority of Scholars put it to 1st or 2nd CE, because the Hellenistic period spans the 4th Century BCE – 1st Century CE, and there is evidence that some say proves Jewish men and non-Jewish women were considered Jewish with no mention of conversion on the part of the non Jew.

Other evidence from the same period says otherwise. Philo of Alexandria said that a Jew and non Jewish couple's child was 'a nothos' which means 'bastard'.

That was regardless of the non Jew being the mother or father of the child. Also disrupts your claim.

So most Non-orthodox scholars put it at the time of Ezra at 4 BCE ; Orthodox Jew Scholars put it at Mt. Sinai in the Torah; a minority believe there is evidence for a period that might fit your claim, from 4 BCE to 1 CE, and that evidence is sketchy at best. The Mishnah has matriarchal law and it far pre-dates Christ Insanity.

Most importantly: All Christianity comes from Jews, as Jesus was an Essene if he lived, and all early Xtians were Jews. Therefore this is a Jewish faith regardless. When I say 'all Xtianity comes from Matriarchal Jews' I'm also asserting it is a faith that comes from Jews, which you don't like to touch.

That's how you use evidence to examine something and see if you are wrong or if you are correct.

I'm more than fine with seeing new things and if incorrect, learning. But that's not been the case thus far.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
No racial research has been allowed in the past 15 years as far as I know.
Not allowed from 2002-2017?

Lol--who says? That is ridiculous. Was it rockin' in 2001--someone found a White Aryan soul and proved it up--and someone 'shut 'er down?' Who forcibly halted this research?

Did you look for the argument for the Aryan soul? There are CI apologists all over the place. What do they say about Aryan 'souls'?

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
None of your quotes show proof for the concept of an immortal soul in the New Testament.
You are ridiculous.

It is 'nephesh' in the Hebrew.

It is 'Septuagint' in the Greek.

The concept is Jewish, and is in both the Old and New.

You are telling people to accept Christ Insanity and it's "insane" not to, because:

--it's 'good' for combatting Islam.
--we have souls that come from our father's and Jews are keeping us from knowing it.
--it's not Jewish in origin (lol).

....and now you say they don't believe in a soul in the Essene Christ cult.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
You make the classic mistake of ascribing doctrine invented by Christian cults to the New Testament. You also have this weird logical fallacy where the Bible must be the work of God, as it claims, in order for it to be useful.

As I proved using historical fact, all that is 'useful' in it came from other sources, like Egypt and Vedic texts.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
Catholicism actually worked great because people really believed they would be tortured in hell for eternity if they were bad.

Two words: Spanish Inquisition. Oh, and those Salem Witch Trials...Whites killing Whites because of Christ Insanity.

True morality comes from doing what is good without threats from an out of control maniac.

Also: there are plenty of immoral Atheists, just as there are rotten Xtians, Muslims, and so on...which goes to prove religion is not the fixer of man, as you'd never get that result if it were. It is supernatural, after all, so it should always work the same...but doesn't. Proof is in the pudding.

Philosophy, morality, decisions on how to create an ideal society, and so on, are something widely debated. Behavior is largely biological, which ties in to evolution and the development of people over time.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
Then at one point most people stopped really believing in it, as Nietzsche put it, God is dead.
Stats show the world is still more religious than not.

You can look up the demographics on that. More Baptists and Catholics in 'Merica than Atheists, and same worldwide--more Muzzies and Xtians than not.

Originally Posted by Rolf View Post
I'm not sure if you're really getting any of this stuff though, I think you're still stuck at thinking you can win this argument by proving Jesus never existed.
...A topic I barely touched on, but certainly could. I've presented tangible evidence for all of my assertions, answering all of yours.

You've presented assertions with nothing in hand to back them up. Anyone who reads the thread will see that clearly.

Your 'I heard they believed in one drop theory' and 'I don't know of research being done' is less than zero.

Forum threads are both discussion and debate. You are not even living up to a 'discussion', much less a debate.

Debating requires you to bring your own facts to the table, and answer questions to prove up claims.

Use something with tangible, researchable, quantifiable evidence and show me that the following assertions you made have merit (I'll offer up no more if the other side is not doing same):

--how do you know we have a patriarchal soul, and Jews have hidden this fact?

--what is a soul?

--Is Christ the messiah spoken of in Daniel and Isaiah, and do we know he lived? (whether you think so or not, that is essential for adopting the faith for anyone but a liar)

...I'll even point you in the direction of text, 'The Jesus Puzzle' is probably the best scholarship advocating for a historical Jesus.

That's a starting point. All else is like reality t.v. gossip from your side, no scholarship and not of interest to people who want to know real truth.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier

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