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Originally Posted by Emily Henderson View Post
We need something that is inter-generational for Whites that is TRUE, and good for OUR people, that they can get emotionally attached to, but is logical, real, and helps us to achieve what's really best for the kind of world we want.

I am working on a project re this and it will be worth it IMO.
Amen sister. You go girl.

I've tried to create something as well, that will actually come up in the top ten list of internet searching for terms like "European American Faith". It was there (as part of my SF blog), but then SF got shut down, so it disappeared. Now SF is back, ... so it might come back. I moved a piece of it here into my VNN blog.

A fellow Canadian created this site which is along the lines you're thinking, I think (mainly scientific arguments):

My only critique is that it lacks an entertainment component i.e. song and dance, 'culture', etc., not to mention all the psychology-meditation crap lol (not that I ever pay attention to that stuff - I just like knowing the fancy words lol).

He is Wayne Macleod (that's also his user name on Stormfront). He really doesn't like Christianity which is why he created it (you'll see his pro-White spin at the end).

My plan entails getting the Church of England to adopt our new platform (allowing us to access the buildings our ancestors built/tax dollars paid for, for a couple hours a month) the way they've allowed Asatru to now use the buildings. It's almost a national security issue that they begin allowing us this, as our people will dissolve otherwise.
True diversity is preserving all ethnic groups. We have a group identity to maintain. We ought to have spiritual community centers for us, to have closure for our history, celebrate our heritage & look to the future. National Folk Faith AFA CT

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