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Originally Posted by John Smithwick View Post
Amen sister. You go girl.

I've tried to create something as well, that will actually come up in the top ten list of internet searching for terms like "European American Faith". It was there (as part of my SF blog), but then SF got shut down, so it disappeared. Now SF is back, ... so it might come back. I moved a piece of it here into my VNN blog.

A fellow Canadian created this site which is along the lines you're thinking, I think (mainly scientific arguments):

My only critique is that it lacks an entertainment component i.e. song and dance, 'culture', etc., not to mention all the psychology-meditation crap lol (not that I ever pay attention to that stuff - I just like knowing the fancy words lol).

He is Wayne Macleod (that's also his user name on Stormfront). He really doesn't like Christianity which is why he created it (you'll see his pro-White spin at the end).

My plan entails getting the Church of England to adopt our new platform (allowing us to access the buildings our ancestors built/tax dollars paid for, for a couple hours a month) the way they've allowed Asatru to now use the buildings. It's almost a national security issue that they begin allowing us this, as our people will dissolve otherwise.
Wayne McLeod is a Cosmotheist, he wrote a well-known essay on the topic. If he's not currently I don't know, but I'd heard of his essay.

I'd like to see the old Churches used for something good, yes.

In the US they (Churches) are private entities, but interestingly you cannot be barred from a Public Library if you rent part of it out, even to get your religion on, lol. With the Church of England there is an interesting dynamic there, where you'd be required to have access since it's part of the State (or so I would think).

I'm not creating a religion, I'm deconstructing the old and suggesting we develop a society based on something real---I'm not advocating a religion, as I value freethought over religion.

I will say that the tenets laid out on that site--which appear to be Dr. Pierce's tenets as well if I'm not mistaken--are mostly clearly correct, and they are that way because Dr. Pierce was a physicist and he understood certain things too well to be a Xtian.

Whether we have a 'Cosmic Path' or not is hard to say, with the randomness in the Universe. But Pierce is correct that all things become more complex over time, that's how it's set up. On that we have a real tangible 'I don't know', though there are strong arguments both ways.

These are the kinds of questions throughout the Vedas, which was a more honest mode of thinking than most religion, because it got 'real' and was based on 'I don't know things and I'm asking questions' rather than making not only 'fundamental attribution errors', but flat out making up stuff...probably due to a primitive bicameral mind that in some ethnic groups is still present at a high rate---or so it appears.

And White Westerners abandoned their Enlightenment and let the Talmudvision de-volve them. As Tyrone would say, "Sheeiit".
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier

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