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With regard to the word for "soul:"

Originally posted by Emily Henderson:

It is 'nephesh' in the Hebrew.

It is 'Septuagint' in the Greek.
Dear VNN Friend And Sister In Our White Race, you made a factual error.

The Septuagint (from the Latin septuaginta, "seventy") is a Koine Greek translation of a Hebraic textual tradition that included certain texts which were later included in the canonical Hebrew Bible and other related texts which were not. As the primary Greek translation of the Old Testament, it is also called the Greek Old Testament. This translation is quoted a number of times in the New Testament,[1][2] particularly in Pauline epistles,[3] and also by the Apostolic Fathers and later Greek Church Fathers.

The Septuagint uses the word ψυχή (psyche) for soul.

You just made a little goof.

Be well, White Sister.


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