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Appendix I

The 'Socialist History Society' will likely be unknown to many of my readers and I don't particularly blame them. I first became aware of it when I accidentally acquired one of its monographs that dealt with the jewish baker's union in London on Ebay (of all places). Now the 'Socialist History Society', or SHS as it likes to call itself, is quite a considerable organisation of marxist intellectuals in Britain. It is also looking to expand to North America, i.e. here in the USA, in the next few months as I am informed by its Newsletter for March 2010 (p. 12 if you are interested) with the help of something called the 'Institute of Working Class History' (one doubts there are many 'working class' let alone 'proletarian' individuals involved and that most of its clientele are 'de-classed' 'bourgeoisie'/'petit-bourgeoisie' if my observations on this point based on my experience with the Left in general are correct [1]).

The 'Socialist History Society' was formed in 1992, after the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, out of the Communist Party History Group. It, as you might expect, has a useable website [2] and publishes a relatively respectable intellectual journal of its own called 'Socialist History'. It also, as alluded to above, produces a bulletin of sorts and has its own 'Occasional Papers' series, of which I have several (most of them however are worthless amounts of ink spilt on paper with a nice glossy cover). That said however the SHS has quite a few academic contacts (and members) and is organised enough to attend booksales, such as the 'Freethinkers Book Fair', and hold regular public lectures (which I have also attended out of curiosity) in London (in the UK).

That said however what immediately grabbed my attention was the fact that the SHS has a jewish Stalinist, Professor Eric Hobsbawm (formerly Obstbaum), as its chairman [3]. Until recently its secretary was another jewish Stalinist, Professor Nina Fishman, who recently died and whose laudatory obituary (the only one I am aware of in a significant publication) was written by a fellow member of the tribe: Donald Sassoon. Also its 'joint chair' is one June Cohen. So now with Fishman's timely death the SHS' Officers roll smells a little less of gefilte fish although it is still at least 25% (formerly at least 37.5%) kosher. I do not know the pedigree of the other officers, but it is quite plausible that some of them may be partially jewish.

It is also notable that the SHS retains close ties with the 'Jewish Socialists' Group' [4], which, in spite of it being basic Marxist doctrine that all religious and political considerations are based on economics [and therefore do not exist outside of an economic framework], has decided that really jews as a group do exist and that they are really a biological group (otherwise why bother with a 'Jewish Socialists' Group' after all one thought that they would be progressive enough to become one with everyone else since biology doesn't matter a whole lot to any relatively orthodox Marxist today). One also notes that they allow jews, such as one Professor David Loewenstein of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to warble at them and even applaud the jew (no doubt the enterprising Professor Loewenstein found one or two victims from the audience for a little more 'private' ego-fufillment, but there we go) [5].

So apparently the Socialist History Society is really a bit of a kosher butchering house, but there we go again... The SHS may not abide by the halakha regarding kashrut, but they certainly do abide by the secular halakha of Marx in 'Das Kapital', among other of his works, and it is fitting to say the least that they have more than their fair share of hooked noses at the top of the SHS.

[1] Also see for example: Denis Hill, 1989, 'Seeing Red - Being Green: The Life and Times of a Southern Rebel', 1st Edition, Iconoclast Press: Brighton. Where Hill, a former Communist and senior trade union official, often speaks of the problems presented by university radicals and 'de-classed' middle-class individuals for those who actually work with rather than try to dictate to 'the working class'/'proletariat' etc. It is a pointed expose, but all the more remarkable for its intellectual history in showing just how cretinous the left in general is (if we on the 'far right' think we have it bad then I'd hate to think what would happen if we were like the left in general [the proverb 'too many cooks spoil the broth' would be an apt characterisation of the left, while a modification of that proverb would do just as well for the right: 'too few cooks make no broth']). Hill also remarks on numerous occasions on the amount of jews in left-wing and marxist movements in general and one can't really call Hill anti-Semitic given that he lived with and loved a jewish trotskyite, one Ann Frost, for several years in his later life (of whom he speaks affectionately in his book).
[2] [Accessed: 27/03/2010]
[3] Hobsbawm is reported to have told Professor Robert Conquest that any amount of deaths justified the 'formation of a better society' according to Wikipedia. How true this is I cannot say, but having read some of Hobsbawm's writing it wouldn't surprise me if he did state something along these lines as Hobsbawm is a pretty obvious apologist for both Stalin and Communism in general.
[4] Their website can be found at the following address: [Accessed: 27/03/2010]
[5] Anon., 'Making Winstanley Respectable', Socialist History Society Newsletter, December 2009, p. 8

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