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Meekly following Englandís lead in two Balkan Wars where Austriaís enemy Serbia nearly doubled its territory.

It was not in the interest of the Austro-Hungarian Empire for the Ottoman Empire to fall and for the Turks to be driven out of Europe for the simple reason that such an outcome would spell trouble for their own interests as they too, like the Ottoman Empire, were a multi national/multi religious entity. The Habsburgs viewed the Ottomans as a check on Serbian demands for freedom, which if successful would have the effect of influencing other occupied Slavic peoples of their Empire into rebelling and demanding their own freedom.

Just to add that the Empire had no right to annex Bosnia Herzegovina which was Serbian and Croatian land. I understand that they needed access to the Adriatic but they had the Dalmatian coast, they didn't need Bosnia.

Also putting jews like Benjamin Kalaj in charge of administering Serbian land in order to attempt to create a fake Bosnian identity/nationality was not a good idea, its kind of like what the US/EU attempted and is still attempting to this day.
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