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Default The Telconia off Emden, 4 August 1914.

"London's ultimatum had expired at midnight on August 4, while the Telconia was en route to its rendezvous point off Emden. Fathoms beneath the ship's keel lay a network of five cables that wended south from Germany through the English Channel, one to France, one to Spain, one to North Africa and two to New York City.

On board the Telconia were huge grappling hooks that enabled the ship to retrieve malfunctioning cables from the sea bottom for repairs. Down slid the grapples into the cold, gray depths, and soon, one by one, the five mud-covered sheaths of copper-covered wires were hauled aboard. Each was hacked apart and dropped back into the sea. Henceforth, Germany could communicate securely with the Western Hemisphere only through a subsidiary cable that ran from Liberia to Brazil, a line that was largely U.S. owned.

Six months later, after some friendly persuasion from London, which undoubtedly included plenty of pounds sterling, this link too was eliminated by one of Telconia's sister ships. That meant Berlin had to depend on Guglielmo Marconi's newly invented and somewhat undependable wireless -- and all these messages could be intercepted and deciphered by British cryptanalysts."

"THE ILLUSION OF VICTORY" (page 44) Thomas Fleming
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