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Default "Ex-university teacher who posted racist messages headed for jail"

A Regina man convicted of contempt of court in connection with posting racist messages online has lost his latest appeal.

Terry Tremaine, a former University of Saskatchewan math instructor, had his appeal dismissed Tuesday by the Federal Court of Appeal.

Tremaine's lawyer, Andrew Hitchcock, told CBC News that Tremaine will turn himself in to authorities and will begin serving his 30-day jail sentence.

Hitchcock said a decision whether or not to try to appeal to the Supreme Court hasn't been made yet.

Tremaine has been in and out of courtrooms for years after posting online messages that disparaged Jews, blacks and other minorities.

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ordered him to stop, and when he refused, he was charged with contempt.

He was convicted and sentenced in 2012 to serve a minimum of 30 days in jail, with another six months added if he violated conditions set by the judge.
In Canada you get thrown in jail for telling the truth or speaking out against violent attacks on whites. Thought/speech 'crimes' are treated worse than actual crimes.


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