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Default Terrence Cecil Tremaine

Regina Man Seeking Changes
To Release Conditions

Monday, March 10, 2008

REGINA -- A Regina man charged with wilful promotion of hatred says his release conditions are keeping him from work.

Terrence Cecil Tremaine appeared briefly in Regina Provincial Court on Monday morning. He's accused of posting Internet messages that are hateful against an identifiable group between Feb. 1, 2004 and Nov. 1, 2007.

When Judge Dennis Fenwick asked what the 59-year-old wanted to do with the charge -- to which he pleaded not guilty last month -- Tremaine said he wanted to submit a motion to the court.

He was cut short by Fenwick, who first wanted to know what the motion might be about. Tremaine said he had three requests: About altering his release conditions; having the charges dismissed; and seeking a further adjournment.

When Fenwick suggested Tremaine talk to the prosecutor about changes to his release conditions, Tremaine replied, "They're fairly intransigent."

Fenwick then tried to simply adjourn the matter, since Tremaine said he is trying to arrange for a lawyer.

"I haven't made a final decision," the accused said.

However, Tremaine went on to explain that Legal Aid is having trouble assessing his application because of his current job situation.

One of Tremaine's release conditions, imposed by a justice of the peace following his arrest in January, prohibits him from having access to the Internet and computers. But because the former University of Saskatchewan lecturer is working at a call centre -- which requires the use of a computer -- Tremaine is currently on leave.

Fenwick asked Crown prosecutor Loreley Berra about a change in the conditions that might allow Tremaine to use a computer specifically for work.

She said the offences allegedly occurred primarily on a home computer, but the prosecution remains concerned about any access to a computer.

In the end, Fenwick adjourned the matter to April 8.

"I think that's in your interest if you're going to have a lawyer," said Fenwick, explaining a lawyer could then address Tremaine's motion.

During his previous court appearance, Tremaine told reporters he was simply taking a stand against the Jewish community "power" in Canada and disputes having committed a criminal act.