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Christ Knopff wrote good articles for TOQ on Julius Evola. He is a sharp tack in the drawer.

I will read that Nock thing,thanks.

EM Jones said something about education in the USA in his magazine not too long ago, about how the cultural elites reserve the best education for themselves and give everybody else trade-school type training. The really rich and talented brats get this stuff taught to them in small niches that are hidden and protected from the hoi polloi. Not every really rich and talented brat either, just a small number. A small number are taught to think.

The rest of us have to try and dig stuff up for ourselves. Its as if educational system deliberately fucks people up and is mostly just oriented into making Amerikwans into good little worker bees.

The thing about being taught to think, it is not just mindlessly rebelling against whatever the authorities are spoonfeeding. Much more than that. Socrates recognized why he had to take the hemlock. Hippies dont, they just always are chucking rocks through windows like these stupid Greek anarchists the past few days who think they are doing something special by lighting fires. Evidence that edumafacation in the EU is just as bad as it is here in some ways if not worse in others.