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Default ISIS in Ukraine: A Christmas Present to Russian Christians From Western Multiculturalists

George Galloway
Thu, 27 Dec 2018 16:43 UTC

The report in British newspaper the Times, that Chechen Islamists, many reeling from defeat in Syria and Iraq amongst the alphabet soup of fanaticism, had indeed arrived at the war front in eastern Ukraine, woke me up from any Christmas torpor.

An earlier report in the New York Times had revealed that the Islamist Chechens were under the command of the fascist "Right Sector" and were there to "fight Russians" because "we like fighting Russians" and "will never stop fighting Russians."

For the Times at Christmas it was enough to quote one of their commanders: "Putin is our common enemy." A quote which of course could have come from the editor of the Times!

While the report was a wake-up call for me, not so the rest of the British media still less the British political class. Tumbleweed rolled over the media spaces where fear and loathing should have been. There was more interest in Strictly Come Dancing than the long bearded Islamist extremists, who were now, once again, our dancing partners in crime.

But it was always thus.

Chechen battalion leader (and actual, wanted ISIS terrorist) 'Muslim Cheberloevsky' is regularly interviewed on Ukrainian TV (which is paid for by US and EU taxpayers' dollars because the Ukrainian state is completely bankrupt)

From the comments:

This is how western states conduct warfare in the 21st century. Well, one of the ways along with sanctions, propaganda, etc.

Now we know where some of the ISIS commanders evacuated from Syria via US military helicopters were sent. Ukraine.
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