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Default The Asian-Indians don't like Dinesh D'Souza

Most of the Asian Indians I meet are real shitheads. But when it comes time to try to talk them into accepting some American ideals, they turn into bigger shitheads as well as Commies. According to the National Geographic Magazine, fully 60% of all Asian Indians walk out of their homes and hovels every morning and shit on the ground. The Ganges River is a sewer. So, why are the Indians so in love with coming to America? To get away from Indian which they have destroyed. If I could ship everyone of them back, I would ... except for Dinesh D'Souza.

I tend to look at the Big Picture, not at the little details dredged up from history (although such details are important to a total understanding of the problems facing our people and our countries.)

Dinesh D'Souza gave one of the all-time greatest speeches just before the Clinton-Trump debate.

The Deadly Enemy of the Ordinary Man: The Democratic Party

It has been commented on in the subtitles by the Cosmic Wheel Association, so some of you who are confused about priorities, might find this method of use. Why make static pictures when a running-commentary does the job better?

There are many races which have suffered from the depredations of the Jews. I favor teaching these races that the Jews are not and never have been their friends. So, when an Indian intellect like Dinesh D'Souza discusses these problems, why get so picky about the historical details when it is the Present Time Period that is important regardless of whether or whether not the definitions of earlier days are still valid.

I like this speech. More Americans should see it along with the anti-Jew comments in the subtitles.