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Well, they certainly have short, pat answers to a lot of convoluted problems, e.g., the OKC bombing. I'd appreciate having some particulars about judicial-inc, as I'd like to know more. This is what I thought was pretty good journalism, which drives home the point that lying is a huge mistake that will be uncovered. I do know that the U.S. government at least mishandled the investigation and prosecution in ways that have caused enormous damage but judicial-inc's scenario would, if not true, cause even worse damage. I guess I'm saying I support what you're doing about only facilitating responsible journalism and I just want some help with what's wrong at judicial-inc and maybe a theory as to why its wrong because so many I know seem to want to believe judicial-inc's versions.
I've said this about fifty times, so I understand why you want yet another explanation. Judicial-inc, for example, calls VNN a zionist front. All judicial-inc does does it take every topical news item relating to crime or war and call them main actors jews, regardless of the facts. It can't be trusted. It can't be linked here because its operator is a liar.