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Default Let's take this one more time, more slowly, for the impaired...


: evidence based not on a witness's personal knowledge but on another's statement not made under oath

See hearsay evidence defined for kids

Mr. Pauly writes:
"I talked to a person that had seen the love letters that Steele recently wrote to a White woman that he had never met."


"I predict that -JC will duplicate this post as soon as he finds it online."

Therefore, while you can't quote me regarding Mr. Steele's state of mind because I can't possibly know it, you can quote me in stating that Mr. Pauly is a prophet evidenced not only by my testimony but by the evidence here of my having duplicated "this post," which I just found.

Golly, I didn't realize that Mr. Pauly answers the NATIONAL ALLIANCE line in Las Vegas. For a time, I had VNN FORUM set to "ignore" Mr. Pauly and that's been patiently explained to him but, really, who is this thread about anyway?