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Angry More Precise Analysis

Originally Posted by VikingWarrior View Post
Lenny, you need to read this exhaustive thread and see what Donald has unearthed, as a good VNN reporter. Sure Steele was on the Fed-Radar, but the facts remain, Eddy wanted to "off" his wife AND Mother-in-law so as he could be with his Eastern European honey.

...It's not rocket science.
While you are technically correct, this is unfair to Steele. He became insane in certain narrow aspects after his aorta surgery. As I have shown, this is the rule rather than the exception in severe aneurysms like this. He is not to blame for any of his behavior but he did essentially what the government claimed. I have personally explained this in detail to Cyndi by email many times.

His family and lawyer have to know and they are to blame. They are making a martyr out of him when he is not one. His now disbarred lawyer raked in $120,000 in attorney fees for a defense that would shame a first year law student. I think that Steele knows that he did what he is accused of but thinks that he has been able to successfully lie his way out of it. The jury did not buy it.

He has written more three steamy love letters that I know of to American White women from jail since he was convicted. He learned nothing from his love letters to Tatyana Loginova being shown to the jury. If he gets a new trial and the government produces these letters he is screwed. Even competent lawyers won't be able to get him off then. They provide proof of his dissatisfaction with his marriage and give a motive.

The lesson here is but for the grace of G-d go we. Any of us can have this kind of serious vascular surgery and wind up just as crazy as Steele is. We should pity him. Admittedly the government played its traditional dirty tricks at and before trial, but this has little to do with the final outcome. It does no good to blame the government for framing him when they didn't do so.