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Angry Steele's Essay #19

No doubt -JC will be duplicating this latest Steele essay from jail but I don't know how long it will take him to do so.


Dear Supporters:

I release Ed's next installment, "Occupy Latah County Jail," which was written before he was sentenced to 50 years for crimes he did not commit. It is bitter sweet as some of his humor comes through, but as I know all too well, the corruption that has taken him down will keep him at all costs. Ed was released from Latah County Jail, but unfortunately it wasn't a result of his protest with his endeavor to "Occupy Latah County Jail" until they released him. Instead he was taken to Kootenai County Jail for his sentencing and then to Bonner County Jail following his sentencing for five
days. They have now taken him away. Where? I don't know. When will I know? I don't know, for I'm told it could be 4-8 weeks before I will be able to hear anything from him.

I cannot begin to express the sadness and anger that consumes me daily over this injustice to Ed, our family, his friends, his supporters and I. However, I want to assure everyone that my/our fight for justice for my husband and all of us for that matter, is not over. The next step is an appeal and the first step towards that appeal is already in motion, but expect about a two year process.

I just pray and hope that your support that I have been so thankful for and have so much appreciated, will not waiver from the discouragement of our current loss. I am all too familiar with being discouraged, but I, also, know that giving up only guarantees that justice loses and the corruption
will overtake us all. Of course, part of their corruption is that they can outspend us and with our tax dollars I might add. With that said, I will keep the faith and continue to stand and speak out against this injustice and pray that one day justice will prevail.


Cyndi Steele
Occupy Latah County Jail
by Edgar J. Steele

November 7, 2011

I have just entered week 4 of my “Occupy Latah County Jail” (OLCJ) protest. Quite aside from showing my unity with other “Occupy” protests, I have a strategy.

After 2 or 3 weeks of these “Occupy” protests, the local authorities seem then to demand that the occupants cease, desist… and depart. Surely, it can only be a matter of days before the Latah County Sheriff tires of my protest and demands that I go home. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

Wile E. Edgar

Just call me Wile E. Edgar. I hope this plan works better than my last scheme, wherein I stood in my trash bag hoping to be unnoticed and then spirited out of jail with the trash pickup. Somehow, they saw me right off the bat, standing there with that banana peel on my head. Somebody must have tipped them off, because that really should have worked.

My Backup Plan

In case OLCJ doesn’t go just as planned, I have a backup plan, but it is less likely to succeed, statistically speaking. I have just filed a petition with the Supremes for a Writ (order) to Idaho’s Federal District Court Judge Lynn B. Winmill, telling him to stop listening in on my courthouse attorney-client conversations and to direct the US Marshals Service to stop opening my “Legal Mail” and to stop recording my phone calls with my lawyers, with copies and tapes given to my Federal prosecutors.

I know what you’re thinking: “Silly Rabbit – the U.S. Constitution is just a damned piece of paper.” Thus, my expectation of a 6th Amendment right to confidential access to lawyers simply is not justified. Nor is it right for me to think that the 5th Amendment shields me from self-incrimination, either. After all, why should the Feds be allowed to secretly invade all of my attorney-client communications if they can’t use them against me?

Making Animals – Easier Than Catching Animals

It really is easier to do what they’ve done in my case than to conduct real investigations of the activities of real criminals, then actually play by the rules in convicting them and sending them to prison.

What’s next – installing computer chips in our cars that automatically issue us tickets when we exceed the posted (and electronically readable) speed limit? Do you really think this isn’t coming? Much easier and, since government is so much more reliable when it can count on a steadily rising income, nobody likely will notice or care when these chips occasionally issue altogether false speeding tickets. After all, the public needs to expect a bit of imprecision in pursuit of the greater good of governmental efficiency. Our junior G-Men have gotta eat, too, besides.

No Harm, No Matter

Nor does it matter that crime, by definition, requires an injured victim. Just because the “victim” in my case, my wife Cyndi, who knows my case as well as do I, believes that I am innocent. Never mind that she has been victimized, first, by the real, self-confessed perp who stole $45,000 in silver from us, then, with the ADL and/or FBI helping, by the perps fabricating a bizarre murder-for-hire scheme to implicate me and get me out of the way.

Never mind that the government further victimizes Cyndi by getting my Social Security checks (which have been going to her) stopped and by imprisoning me so that she completely loses all hope of any significant income for the rest of her life. The real perp gets rewarded from our savings, then the government wrecks my life and reputation while reducing Cyndi to poverty and depriving her of her partner, best friend and lover. It’s kind of like what America did in Iraq during the past 16 years. Or Viet-Nam so many years ago, where we destroyed yet another little country in order to “save” it.

This Just Ain’t Yer Day

Cyndi feels like the poor lady tied to a tree in Central Park, then raped. Says the patrol beat cop, after finding her and as he unzips his pants: “This just ain’t yer day now, is it?”

The perp gets rewarded while the victims get punished. Yep, that’s just the way things now are in the “greatest” country in the world, whose “Defense” Department wages war against small, defenseless countries, destroying them in the guise of saving them. Welcome to Amerika.

Copyright ©2011, Edgar J. Steele

Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate this article and its related audio file among private individuals and groups, post on all Internet sites and publish in full in all not-for-profit publications. Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.