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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
BTW I have never claimed that Steele was temporarily insane. Brain damage from strokes induced by aorta surgery is permanent. However some of the lost function can be restored by therapy. He may be able to learn not to write steamy love letters from jail to his Ukrainian girlfriend when he is charged with trying to blow up his wife with a pipe bomb.

He also needs to learn the silliness of writing 14,000 emails to other Ukrainian honeys in connection with the investigation of the so called Russian bride scam. This is especially true after his wife caught him on a dating website and started to divorce him.

While he is in therapy he might be able to learn not to say that he likes Obama in jail house interviews. His skills of being a good liar have vanished. He will therefore never be able to practice law again even if his conviction is overturned. There is hope for him if he gets out.

Because his worthless lawyers rejected his only possible defense, he will spend two years in prison while his appeal is considered. In the unlikely event that he gets a new trial, he will be convicted again unless he uses the correct insanity defense. The evidence against him is damning. Any one who doubts that needs to read the 1,500 pages of the trial transcript like I have. It is not clear why Cyndi is lying to support his version. She has to know that he is crazy and has been so since he got out of the hospital. It happens all of the time with such patients.
It is quite possible his wife knows something you don't or she is just going to support her husband and his reputation because she is a good and loyal wife.

His alleged "affairs" with women on the other side of the planet is worrisome but if his wife disregards it or forgives him then you should too. Men aren't perfect and every woman knows that. Why you like to talk about these internet "affairs" when his wife will not shows the difference in your motives to hers.