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Originally Posted by procopius View Post
It is quite possible his wife knows something you don't or she is just going to support her husband and his reputation because she is a good and loyal wife.

His alleged "affairs" with women on the other side of the planet is worrisome but if his wife disregards it or forgives him then you should too. Men aren't perfect and every woman knows that. Why you like to talk about these internet "affairs" when his wife will not shows the difference in your motives to hers.
Cyndi is in no position to forgive him for endangering hundreds of people with his supposed pipe bomb. This damage far exceeds the substantial good that he has done before he went crazy from aorta surgery. His wife is making matters worse by supporting him. She had to appear crazy to the jury. They clearly didn't believe a word that she said. After I looked at the evidence, I didn't either.

I couldn't care less about Steele's Ukrainian honey and his 14,000 emails to other ones. I do care about the fact Steele has made a fool of the White Nationalist community with his undisputed behavior before and since his arrest. It is of course not his fault. We are stuck with the crazy old aunt in the attic.