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Originally Posted by Roy View Post
You have a very silly premise: That he was "aortically insane", and from there spouts more silliness. No one besides you is making that assertion, not the prosecution, not the wife, not Edgar Steele, not the pipe-bomber FBI informant, not the FBI, not some psychologist, psychiatrist or any doctor at all. Just you. You serve as a study in logical fallacies.

Do you have any medical report that claims he is "aortically insane"? Serious question.

You keep repeating the claim, but if you're serious, please post a link to a medical report. Repetition does not the truth make.
Anyone with a user ID Roy, yahweh my nigger is worse than aortically insane, whatever that is. Read the last 120 pages of this thread. Try to tell Vikingwarrior, Hadding, April and many others that Steele is sane. My motion to vacate judgement is the closest to a medical report and you haven't even read it. Fools like you make the Jews rejoice.