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Angry Pump Head

Originally Posted by Bev View Post
But none of that means that his aortic dissection made him nutty. I've been trying to find references on Google to aortic dissections causing insanity and can find nothing. I suppose it's likely that the side effects of whatever pain relief he was given could include temporary lapses in judgement or clouding of his thinking, but my non-medical-professional understanding is that he would be back to normal within 72 hours of stopping narcotics.

I don't know - the insanity defence just doesn't make sense to me, at least not from the heart issues angle.

I take your point on the Ukrainian brides thing, but whether it's true or not, the jury has to be convinced beyond all reasonable doubt and if I had been a juror, that would have been enough to believe it was plausible and make me discount that as a motive.

Did the client from Illinois come forward? Is it known whether he exists? Taking a 1000 emails to crack it might not mean he is lying about trying to crack it, it might just mean he is a crap lawyer.
I sounds like that you haven't read my motion. It covers these matters in detail. The literature on pump head is vast. The average open heart surgery patient loses 15 IQ points. That is the intelligence difference between a White man and a Negro.

Had you read the 1500 pages of the transcript like I had, you would see that there could have been NO doubt in the jury's mind that Steele did what he was accused of. They should have returned a not guilty by insanity verdict without being asked. However it was the job of Steele's lawyer to point out that he was insane.

I think that Steele is lying about a client from Illinois. In any event he sent 14,000 emails while he was recovering from surgery and failed to crack the case. The truth is that he was obsessed with Ukrainian women because he was crazy.