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Donald E. Pauly
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Angry Old Letter from Strom/Steele Tells Us What to Do

Originally Posted by -JC View Post
"Cindy Steele, et al., may be grasping at straws, as I might be under the circumstances. Again, I'm in no position to judge and I certainly don't have an agenda or opinion on Mr. Steele's guilt or innocence. I am however troubled by both Mr. Pauley's ongoing energy, apparent dishonesty, and attempts to prejudice others on these subjects. For example… " -JC
Here was my reply from Kevin Strom to the heads up. I redacted the email addresses but anyone having a legitimate need to see them can send me a PM. Note that Strom supported Steele even though he could not have known all of the evidence against him.

From: <Kevin Strom>
To: Donald E. Pauly
Date: Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 2:26 PM
Subject: Re: Old Post About You by Steele

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Hi, Donald. Thanks very much.

I'm aware of this. I trust that in the fullness of time, he'll realize he was wrong about me, if he hasn't already. Even if he doesn't, I'll still speak out against his being railroaded. Anything he did to me personally is irrelevant to that.

With all good wishes,

Here is a quote from the Man of Steele himself.

Originally Posted by Edgar J. Steele View Post
It is our responsibility to clean up our own act and condemn those among us who break the law, particularly when violations so thoroughly trash the fundamental principles upon which we stand.

Make no mistake: Joe Fields was not a political prisoner. Obviously, neither is Kevin Strom. These men do not deserve our support. They have not earned our indulgence for this sort of thing. If we do not step up and condemn their actions, then we are hypocrites and worse.

Edgar J. Steele