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Angry Bogus Defense Experts

Originally Posted by 8Man View Post
The 'evidence' presented against Edgar Steele was never properly examined by competent defense experts.

They're just now getting around to admitting there have been problems with hair and DNA evidence used to convict some people. It'll probably be another decade before electronic evidence is similarly questioned.

more at: Convicted defendants left uninformed of forensic flaws found by Justice Dept.
What you say is true. Walsh copied his report from the main supposed expert Papcun nearly verbatim. Neither expert was worth having them show up for the hearing on their qualifications.


MS. WHELAN: Yes. And, Judge, we intend‐‐ we have one of those ready as an exhibit to show that basically one report is almost verbatim copied of the other report.
You can see the prosecution make a fool of Walsh at http://stopnetspend.com/steele/recorder/audioex1.pdf . I made my living for eight years in radio and television stations and know something about editing. The testimony of Papcun was smoke and mirrors and the FBI expert demolished it. The FBI technical expert used the same frequency and waveform analysis program used by Papcun on known genuine recordings by that same Flex8F recorder. The program gave the same false alarms on the known genuine recording that it did on the Steele recordings.

The FBI had video taped Fairfax on both occasions leaving for the Steel ranch with the recorder in his pocket They also had Idaho State Police witnesses. The best argument that the recordings are genuine is the fact that no FBI agent in their right mind would trust their careers and risk imprisonment over a flake like Fairfax. He sold Steele out for a lousy $10,000 worth of silver. He is not good enough of a liar to fake his testimony if the recordings were fake. After he and the FBI double crossed each other he would have spilled the beans on a fake recording.

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