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Default More on Steele's Surgeries


Here is more information on Steele's surgeries from Cyndi's testimony at 737-22-3 in the above transcript,.

He had an additional gastric bypass operation in 2008 after which he lost 100 pounds according to his pre-sentence report. The exact date is not known.

21 November, 2009 aortic aneurysm rupture
1st part of March, 2010 breast reduction liposuction
22 April, 2010 hernia (office surgery)
5 May, 2010 nose embolism (sic), [actually ruptured aneurysm]

The ruptured aortic aneurysm which nearly killed him and apparently made him go crazy occurred in November of 2009. His craziness is demonstrated by his having breast reduction liposuction done in early March of 2010. This is in spite of having a two foot long scar from heart surgery in the mid-line of his chest. His excuse at sentencing was that the surgery had already been paid for.

The exact type of hernia repair that he underwent in April is not known. While hernias are a common result of gastric bypass surgery, that would not likely be done in a doctor's office. It could have been an abdominal hernia and unrelated to his other problems. Since he has a weird appearance, it is possible that he could be suffering from Marfan's syndrome, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marfan%27s_syndrome . This causes both aneurysms and abdominal hernias see
Hernia Hernia

The nose aneurysm is likely to be a genetic counterpart to his ruptured aorta . They went in from behind his upper lip and installed some kind of titanium clip to stop an uncontrollable nosebleed. It is highly unlikely that he would suffer two aneurysms by accident.

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