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Originally Posted by Beau Paulman View Post
So we have a total of 13 "possible grave sites" that Colls claims to have scientifically located in or near the Treblinka 2 camp during her so called archaeological investigation, and the remains of 900,000 jews alleged to be in those 13 "possible graves."

That would be an average of 69,231 jews per grave if all 13 "possible grave sites" were actual graves.

And if there actually were the remains of 69,231 jews in each of the 13 "possible graves," that would translate to an average of 505,385 pounds of bone and teeth (2,215,385 of them) per grave.

69,231 jews.

2,215,385 teeth.

505,385 pounds of remains.

Per "possible grave site."

Next, we will take a closer look at each alleged "possible grave site."
The important thing to note here:

This thesis will outline how a non-invasive archaeological methodology has been implemented at two case study sites
Non-invasive meaning, they're not digging up these sites. If someone wants to dig up these sites in order to physically count all of the jawbones, teeth, and weigh up what's proven to be remains, I'd consider that to be 'hard' evidence. I'm all for someone digging up the supposed 'evidence' and counting the remains. Because I believe that the facts should show that the 6 million figure is completely erroneous. And if they were all gassed with Zyklon B, and with body counts that high, there should be traces of some sorta residue in the soil that would indicate as such.
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