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Beau Paulman

Now in this image here we have the 11 of what were first called "probable pits" on page 231 in Coll's thesis (which are highlighted in blue in said thesis) and "possible grave sites" in the map on page 232, but now they are labled as "Probable burial / cremation pits" (in yellow) in this release:

Notice the sophistry?

From "probable pits" to "possible grave sites" to "probable burial / cremation pits."

But it doesn't stop there:

In her 2015 book, "Holocaust Archaeologies," CS-C states:

"Recent archaeological survey by the author has confirmed the presence of mass grave and cremation pits across the site."

Notice that she uses the sophistic terms "mass grave pit" / "cremation pit."

Notice that she doesn't use the simple, unambiguous term "mass grave"?

Notice the wiggle room she has dishonestly created for herself?

So again, notice she has changed her terms from allegedly identifying:

1: "probable pits"


2: "possible grave sites"


3: "probable burial / cremation pits"


"Confirmed the presence of":

4: "mass grave and cremation pits"

But again, has she ever claimed to have actually located / proven the existence of a mass grave - I.e. - a pit containing human remains - within the boundary of Treblinka 2?

To my knowledge, she has not.

And of course we all know the reason for that.