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Cool Lunar eclipse coming tonight

There will be a 'bloody moon' standing tonight . .

The people in 'ye olden times' would have taken it for a 'sign from up there' . .

. . as they did with virtually all other natural phenomena . .

And to be honest , one could understand if "some powers up there are angry" . .

There have been a lot of natural disasters in recent years . .

Forests burning , volcanic activities , tsunamis . .

Maybe we really are living in the end times. .

At least that's what many people believe . .

And truly , I think the situation on Earth has seldom been more tense than today . .

Apart from the times of the Cold War maybe . .

Look who is in power worldwide. .

People like Erdogan or Kim-Jong Un . .

Erdogan kind of can be regarded as a 'Turkish dictator' . .

I think the late Atatürk is turning in his grave ( he kind of 'secularised' Turkey and made Islam not so important anymore there . .) . .

Kim-Jong Un is a Communist tyrant. .

On the other hand we have people like Trump in the USA and Putin in Russia. .

These two people sure are traditionalists. .

Yet , the world's situation is tense. .

Anyway , lunar eclipses are always an interesting natural phenomenon to watch . .

Enjoy it should it be visible in your area. .