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Default A new book by Nikola Bijeliti is a "must read"!!!!

This is a new White Nationalist novel by Nikola Bijeliti:

The Power of Art, Fashion, and Culture Kindle Edition
by Nikola Bijeliti (Author)

It's one that I personally enjoy reading over and over. It's fast paced enough to hold the reader's attention: however, one reading just won't do the novel justice. It has to be reread to grasp some things on which the White Nationalist reader will need to pause and reflect on possible events in his or her own life which one may find in the book. Reading about the Greek playwright Aristophanes brought back an experience to me that Ralph Vaughn Williams wrote some music to the play "The Wasps" by the Greek author, which I performed as an orchestral musician long ago. I personally feel that all White Nationalists will be similarly affected. IMO, you just don't know what you will be missing if you miss reading this newest book by this prolific White Nationalist author, who is also a fine poster here on VNN.

It's now also available in paperback:
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