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Default Archeological Investigations of Treblinka


I was told that, if you wanted a real unfettered debate about the holocaust, that VNN was the place to have it. I have been "debating," i.e. - totally destroying a certain Roberto Muehlenkamp , aka - Roberta, on the topix history forum but due to Roberta's censoring of my posts (she flagged 2 of them as "abusive" and they were deleted by the administrator), I needed to find another place to further destroy the little purse toting Portuguese puke. I might further add that Roberta publicly challenged me to a debate to take place at a cesspool called RODOH, which I did in fact accept - - but I was promptly banned by Roberta's boyfriend, the moderator nickterry. I should add also that both Roberta and little nicky are members of some freak show called - holocaust controversies, where this Roberta freak originally challenged me to debate the holocaust myth.

So, that's my introduction. To further clarify what it is exactly that I have been tearing Roberta to shreds about, here is the last recap from the topix site:

Before I go, let's do a simplified recap, something we can take to start over on the new site that Roberta can't censor:

Her arguments are based on Grossmans alleged investigation:

And the alleged Polish / jews investigation:

This aerial photo of Treblinka:

(Remember her words:"I think that 1, 2 and 3 are in all probability pits for corpses which were used during the first phase of Treblinka and 4 is the "Lazarett")

This article "proving" that there is "a huge concrete plate" that covers the entire "area of 20,000 square meters." :

(Remember her words: No, Gerdes, I cannot show you a photo of the concrete plate underneath the memorial stones. Iíll try to find one (though the plate should be hard to see if thereís grass or so above it)

And these photos:

This drawing:

And the following photos with captions:

Jews loading bodies onto a wagon, apparently in the Treblinka camp.

Skeletal remains at the site of the Treblinka extermination camp.

Skeletal remains at the site of the Treblinka extermination camp.

Human skeletal remains in the Treblinka camp.

Heaps of ashes on the grounds of the Treblinka camp.

One of the enormous pits in the Treblinka camp into which the victims' corpses (and later, ashes) were thrown.

A heap of ashes in the Treblinka camp.

There was much more to the "debate" than this of course. There are 10 pages of this lying wench's keyboard diarrhea that I had the displeasure of having to sift through, but that is pretty much what she has presented as her "proof" to date.

She has shown herself to be the utmost coward, so we shall see if she accepts the invitation to debate this issue on a real uncensored forum.

Well Roberta, are you in?