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Well, it looks like Roberta Muehlenkamp has rested her case. Here is all the "physical evidence" that she has entered to date, and some of my commentary.

Please note that this freak pretends to be one of "the worlds foremost experts" on Treblinka, and this is the best she can do when challenged to present the physical evidence of her claim that the Treblinka holocaust really did happen. I will add a more consice recap shortly, but the following will provide the information needed to see in what context the filthy lying bitch presented her "evidence."


Q - Can you provide photographic proof of this alleged "area of 20,000 square meters covered by human remains and human remains to a depth of 7.5 meters?"

A - “There are photographs of the area, some of which you can see under:



“The grave digging is well-documented in Polish sources. To what extent it obliterated the Treblinka mass graves we don’t know.”

Q - If it was so well documented, then would you please show us the photos of this alleged documentation?

A - “look at some photographs related to the "Treblinka Gold Rush" that are included in a Polish newspaper article about this phenomenon:



“Not that it would matter a damn thing if I could not, but a photograph available under:

is captioned as showing "One of the enormous pits in the Treblinka camp into which the victims' corpses (and later, ashes) were thrown."



“As to what I called "plugs" in the calculations I once made, here’s a picture of what I meant by that. It is a drawing by David Olére, not from Treblinka but from Auschwitz-Birkenau, but one can assume that this was the bone-crushing method also applied at Treblinka:



“Roberto never claimed that nobody has been able to locate "so much as a single tooth" at Treblinka. On the contrary, I have referred to Vassili Grossman’s mention of having seen teeth in the soil of Treblinka when he visited the place. And I have referred to a Polish newspaper article translated under:

which mentions teeth found by robbery diggers.” (Please note that that “evidence” has been presented to “prove” both the “grave diggers obliterated the traces of the “huge mass graves” and that teeth have been found at Treblinka.)



“In the south-western part of the camp, roughly corresponding to the area of the "receiving camp" (the Treblinka extermination camp consisted of 3 areas: the "the living camp" in the northwest, the "receiving camp" in the southwest and the "death camp" in the south and south-east, the latter being the sector where the gas chambers, mass graves and incineration grids were located), there are four shapes of ground scarring I circled and marked as 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the September 1944 photograph:




"I think that 1, 2 and 3 are in all probability pits for corpses which were used during the first phase of Treblinka and 4 is the "Lazarett,”


Q - Can you show us a single ground or aerial photograph in which the "huge mass graves" and the "huge furnace pits" can be seen?


A – “Of the furnace pits none that I know, which is not surprising as photographing in the camp was forbidden. Deputy commander Kurt Franz photographed nevertheless and kept an album, from which he had torn out some pictures by the time he was arrested in 1959; these may have shown interesting things like furnace pits, incineration grids and so. But he kept the photos of the excavators, which are shown under:

There is also one photo, kept in the German Federal Archives under nº No. 183-F0918-0201-011 and online under:

that shows one corner of one of the mass graves.”

Q - Can you provide a single photo that proves the existence of these alleged huge graves and pits?


A – “No. But I can provide eyewitness testimonies,”