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Roberto Muehlenkamp

>Hello again,

>Well, the only thing we're waiting for now is to see if Roberta Dullenkamp has the courage to >defend her incredible tall tale on a real, unfettered scientific forum.
I have no problem at all with unfettered scientific forums. Science consists in looking at all available evidence and deriving conclusions from that evidence, which is what I do all the time.

>Here is my last post to her:


>Now Roberta, for the second time I have been accused of censoring on this forum (see your >Berlinbuttbuddy’s post # 265).

>So to assure that that doesn’t happen again, we are moving your asswhooping to a forum >where such nonsense can no longer occur. Even if you insist on posting here, I will only >answer you on the new forum here:


>And please Roberta, notice the title of the forum: Archaeology and Anthropology.

>Do you know what that means Roberta? It means we are leaving your Alice in Wonderland >fantasy world of magic glasses, seer stones and magic holocaust decoder rings and entering >the

>Are you willing to hold your fantasy up to the scientific method Roberta? If so, I’ll talk to you >soon in the new science forum Roberta. That is unless you’re too much of a coward to debate >on a real, unfettered scientific forum.

>Remember the subjects we’re currently debating.

>The photos of the excavators / proving the existence of a single body, etc.

>Your so-called “proof” of “huge mass graves” in the receiving area.

>The list of “eyewitnesses” who say burnings took place at Treblinka before Himmler’s order.

>I will have an updated recap done shortly.

>Are you in Roberta?
I’m having some trouble finding the post that Gerdes is quoting, but my replies to his invitation to VNN and his babbling about "science" can be found in my Topix posts # 355 under, # 356 under, # 357 under an # 359 under I quote from the last of these posts:

>Also ace, I see VNN has an entire section titled:

>Opposing Views

>So anyone is welcome to post there.
«Yeah, and I guess they also have a "Jack Boot" who limits the number of opposition posts when things get too hot for the faithful. That was my experience of the Stormfront discussion board, see the RODOH thread "A Study in White Pride":

As you can see, Gerdes, I once stepped into the wolf's lair, a place run exclusively by your kind of knuckle-dragging fanatics, discussed with at least half a dozen "White Pride" loons there, and moderator "Jack Boot" had to restrict the number of my posts to save the day for the faithful.

Yet you, Gerdes, won’t even move your ass to an equal-opportunity forum like RODOH, which moreover is owned by a "Revisionist", Scott Smith.

And you call me a coward, Gerdes?

As I said before, that’s like Elton John calling Brad Pitt a faggot.»
And here I am again, taking on my opponent in a "White" forum where he is surrounded by his buddies and can count on a friendly moderator to help him out, while I’m all alone. Yet Gerdes wouldn’t want to debate on an equal-opportunity forum like RODOH, where there are about as many "Revisionists" as there are opponents of "Revisionism", and he also tried to run away from an open discussion on Topix.

It should be obvious who of us two is a coward.