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Roberto Muehlenkamp

What did Gerdes do in response to my post # 1825 under ?

Well, just what I expected the compulsive liar and whimpering coward to do.

In posts # 1826 to # 1829, he posted just another differently packaged repetition of some of his imbecilic, irrelevant and mostly already answered (see posts # 1710 under and # 1825 under for my latest comments about some of that crap, which he posted on the "CODOH Revisionist Forum") demands and questions (the question how we know that photos captioned as having been taken at Treblinka II and matching descriptions of the Treblinka II site but not of the Treblinka I site were taken at Treblinka II and not Treblinka I being arguably the most stupid of them, though not by a wide margin) that he has been hiding behind ever since my post # 1536 under

He also mouthed off once more (by quoting his CODOH antics) about my post # 1781 under, ignoring the further information about the Treblinka memorial that is provided in my posts # 1793 under and # 1825 under

Of course Gerdes latest sack full of cattle manure isnít enough to break the "ignore" deadlock and get our discussion going again, to make me dig up the answers previously provided to most of his imbecilic demands and questions and answer what few of those I havenít answered yet because they came after I put Gerdes on "ignore" in my post # 1536 under

What Gerdes must do to break the "ignore" deadlock and get my discussion with him on this forum going again, as he well knows because I have told him many times, is to post a statement that reads as follows:

"I am prepared to, from now on, also answer questions and respond to challenges myself, and to address my opponentís arguments and the evidence presented by my opponent (all of it)."

But thatís not about to happen, of course, because Fatso Gerdes:

it too much a

to post this simple statement.

I donít know whatís more amusing:

Is it this pathetic coward (who I also donít think has had the little courage required to link his buddies to this VNN thread over on CODOH, which I have no access to at this moment) calling me a "pathetic coward"?

Is it this inveterate liar (whose ignoring or misrepresenting what I wrote in my post # 1825 is duly noted) calling me a liar?

Or is it the hopeless confusion and self-projecting obsessions that show in this retarded chimpís hysterical verbiage?

Whichever it is, the ignore situation remains as concerns discussion on this forum.

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