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Roberto Muehlenkamp
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Roberto Muehlenkamp

What did Gerdes do in response to my posts # 1833 under and # 1836 under ?

Well, just what I expected the compulsive liar, whimpering coward and pitiable retard to do.

He repeated his standard waffle mentioned in the last of my posts, which he could have avoided if he had read my post # 1833 with more attention – and if he had brains instead of manure inside his skull, which might for instance have kept him from writing stuff like the "reduced by 40 %" nonsense (estimates on the death toll of large-scale massacres usually differ, and preferring a lower figure wholly substantiated by evidence over a higher one based on extrapolations from partial data is altogether reasonable), among other repetitive showpieces of his ignorance and imbecility.

And in case anyone was still in doubt about the fellow's state of mind, he then freaked out completely and broke into unsurprisingly moronic, hysterical laughter.

Gerdes’ misrepresentations of my statements, however (namely when he tries to make believe I claimed that all mass graves at Treblinka have been located, when actually my position is that the whole mass murder can be and has been proven without establishing the precise location and size of each of the mass graves in the Treblinka "death camp" sector, which has not been done yet at Treblinka like it has been done at Belzec and Sobibor), do not result from the fellow’s lack of brain or his hysteria but from his pathetic compulsion to lie. He seems to think that people are stupid enough to take his claims at face value and not check behind him.

Of course Gerdes latest trash isn’t enough to break the "ignore" deadlock and get our discussion going again. What Gerdes must do to break the "ignore" deadlock and get my discussion with him on this forum going again, as he well knows because I have told him many times, is to post a statement that reads as follows:

"I am prepared to, from now on, also answer questions and respond to challenges myself, and to address my opponent’s arguments and the evidence presented by my opponent (all of it)."

But that’s not about to happen, of course, because Fatso Gerdes:

it too much a

to post this simple statement.

So the ignore situation remains as concerns discussion on this forum.