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Stewart Meadows

In August 2018, Brailsford was reinstated by the Mesa Police Department, staying for a further 42 days in what the department described as a "budget position". The department agreed to reimburse Brailsford for medical expenses related to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Brailsford's lawyer has said that Brailsford suffered PTSD due to his shooting of Shaver and the resultant criminal trial. The reinstatement allowed Brailsford to apply for "accidental disability" suffered during the course of work. As a result, Brailsford was unanimously approved to be retired on medical grounds. Brailsford was also given a pension of $2,500 per month. The fact that Brailsford was ultimately medically retired instead of remaining fired was only revealed to the public in July 2019.[4][5][32]

This is murder, plain and simple, and it's outrageous that the deranged piece of garbage was allowed to retire and given a pension of 2,500 dollars per month. (Here where I live, decent, hard-working, law-abiding people get a little over 400 dollars per month when they retire.)

Philip Brailsford and his colleagues/superiors who helped and defended him are clearly psychopaths who have no place in human society.