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My vote is for Mariya Zakharova. She is sexier and she adores Israel

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in her Facebook explained why she wears the star of David, how she came to the faith and told about her hatred of nationalism.

"At the age of 20 I was in Israel - it was a one-day excursion by boat during a week-long holiday in Cyprus, where my brother and I were taken out with my mother. These few hours in Jerusalem and Bethlehem turned my life around. Completely. It had a religion. Not faith. It was before, in the form of an intuitive sensation, foreboding and even understanding. But all this was some kind of ... pagan, or something. And there it burned. This charge is enough so far, "- she wrote in her Facebook.

According to her, her uncle in one of the local jewelry stores bought her "the same golden chain that is on me always." Thus, she responded to a comment by one of the users of the network, who pointed out that she was wearing not the symbol of Christianity on her chest on the gold chain, but "Mogendovid" - a six-pointed star, the star of David.

I hate all kinds of nationalism (from racial discrimination to religious intolerance), I hate being humiliated or harassed, no matter who. And I hate stupidity and stupid anger that can see the star of David, not just in a flower or a snowflake, but even in a benzene formula, "she wrote.