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Originally Posted by ray bateson View Post

Speaking from my own experience, Ontario Knives and Tramontina make a hell of a machete, for the sub-$20 category. Cold Steel's kinda run 50/50 on quality control, mostly involving tempering issues with their south-african made machetes. No surprise there -- one factory-tour featured in their demo DVD revealed that all the employees are kaffir niggers. So interested parties would be advised to source locally if possible in order to examine one before purchasing, but as with most things. Knife shops. Dedicated sporting goods stores. Those kinds of places.

Non knife-savvy men desirous of an inexpensive, big, beginner's combat knife may want to consider the Ontario "Spec Plus" line of 5160 knives. Most models are below $80 new, and some as low as $30 if you look real hard. They're regarded by the professionals as very good for the money spent. I'll speak to that as I personally never leave the house without my (going on four years old) SP5 bowie.

Speaking of big blades Ka-Bar just released the "Big Brother." It's not your grandpa's WW2 Ka-Bar for sure.
I'd rather spend more and get a machete made of 1095 high carbon steel: