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Originally Posted by Greg Johnson View Post
Alex, it is ironic that you are accusing me of female hysterics, because your reasoning skills have gone completely out the window here. I expected more of you, although I don't know why I expected solid reasoning skills from a journalist.
Ok Doc Hollywood, that must be why you're afraid to post my comments at your site, but I leave you free to post whatever you like here, because I can visibly and publicly stomp your Swedenborgian ass into the ground.

I taught you the right way. When you grew up, you departed from it. Return to it, o prodigal sodomite!

You need to sit down and figure out what you are, Dr. Johnson. That must precede any venturing into waters as deep as racial nationalism and jew-criticism. You have to think the thing all the way through, otherwise the daily hurricanes will blow you off course. Stability and consistency are what are most needed by the virtual (for now) masses. When people I respect like you and MacDonald go wrong, it is doubly or quadruply incumbent on me to bash them back to the right line, and that is a duty I will not shirk.

Listen to me, you idiot. Don't listen to a liar like Jared Taylor. He is not our race's friend, he is our race's enemy.

1. Revisionists themselves concede that many innocent Jews died in WW II, and that is "Holocaust enough" for Jewish purposes, even if one scrapes away all the lies told after the fact by people who sought to use these deaths for political and financial advantage. I don't concede that. The revisionists do. I'm just the bearer of the bad news that revisionism can't successfully get the Holocaust off our people's back.
Many innocent people of all parties and persuasions died in WWII. Where's the politics in letting jews pretend they suffered specially and make billions off it? See what I posted earlier today from CultureWars - they use their 'hoax to coax billions out of German banks to make good their swindlers' shitty loans. Where does it end? There is no natural end unless we put a stop to it.

It's awfully funny that you're perfectly willing to concede our WORST ENEMY the BIG LIE that his kind suffered uniquely in WWII. You're willing to let him use that as the basis of an anti-white 'educational' effort in public schools across the west, and as the basis for extracting literally trillions of dollars from the white people who suffered MORE than these lying jews did in WWII. That is astonishing. Where is the sound politics in it? I need to argue this? I mean, this is sky-is-blue stuff. And throw on top that the enemy's claims, which he has invested a fortune in promoting, ARE DEMONSTRABLY UNTRUE. And you're backing off the found facts like they serve the enemy? I mean, really, what the fuck?

We're not even disagreeing because your position doesn't even rise to the level of risible, let alone debatable. The only relevant question is your motivation. Which we now know, since you've stated you are, is chasing funds through 501c3, which involves softening your position. Which is not what you should be doing. You should be up-front about what you're doing, and not try to pretend that your organization's self-interest is identical solid White politics when in fact is the opposite. That's how jews act, come to think of it.

Hey, Gregster: here's a good name for your 501c3. Go-With-The-Flow Foundation. Has a ring to it, don't you think?

2. I think Holocaust revisionism is a legitimate field of inquiry. Revisionists should have the right to investigate and publish without penalty. That does not constitute a blanket endorsement of their claims. Nor does it imply I think that revisionism is sufficient to get the Holocaust off our back. In the end, I think that the facts are on the Jewish side, in the sense that even if all the after-the-fact lies deducted from the story, there's still "Holocaust enough" for Jewish purposes.
Well, mister preacher man, dontcha find it a little odd that jews themselves don't seem to agree with you? If there's "holocaust enough," why expand a couple hundred thousand deaths into six million, and make up gassings (and soap...and lampshades...and on and on) out of whole cloth? They sure don't seem to think there's 'holocaust enough.' No, in fact what they invented as 'holocaust' is just another big lie, and that's the way to treat it.

Face it, Greg. You're just throwing your own kind under the bus because you calculate, and very likely incorrectly, it will serve your personal interests. Like not admitting to homosexual behavior.

Who can trust you, Johnson? There's a squirreliness at your core.

3. That means that we have to look elsewhere than revisionism for an answer to the Holocaust question.
Listen, dummy. The fact-finders' job is just that: find facts. They have no necessary connection to WN. Nor has WN to the ffs - logically and intellectually. But practically and politically, we WN do have connection because our enemy will call us naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews the minute we dare criticize God's holy pets at all. So it's not a question we can, as a practical matter, refuse to deal with. What revisionists discover, assuming their findings are valid, represents a mass of facts that we can use or not use politically. How in the world is it not to be used that jews were NOT gassed and did NOT die to the number of six million, not anywhere close? How do you not use that, when little kids (that you and Kevin MacDonald will never have) are abused with these GREAT LIES daily? "Holocaust enough" - are you friggin' insane? You're supposed to be on our side, not theirs.

I think that part of that answer is to put the Holocaust and the Second World War in a larger historical context, so as to show that Jewish suffering is not unique and that Jews on the whole are an aggressor people, not passive victims.
That's right.

But the deeper answer is moral. I would like whites to become serenely indifferent to guilt trips and moral blackmail, no matter what our people have done in the past. A race with the vitality and will to power to project future cannot be tied to past negatives.
Son of a fucking bitch, you dumbass: you can't DO THAT WHEN YOUR ENEMY CONTROLS ALL THE HIGH GROUND. The shit comes down on our people 24/7/365 through, tv, teacher and preacher. The LAST thing you need to worry about is the nature of our people. That's utterly irrelevant. They're being inundated with lies by the enemy, who controls everything that matters. That's where you want to put your time and effort. All our people are doing is going along with authority. Like the majority always have done and will do and cannot do otherwise. Are brainwashing victims morally flawed? Of course not.

Do you even understand your position, Doc H? It's that even if WN were in charge and putting out revisionist found facts over the airwaves, whites wouldn't be receptive to them because of their unique disposition to feel guilty. Do you honestly believe that? Do you honestly believes whites are doing anything other than conforming to what SEEMS to be true, to what EVERYBODY ELSE seems to be doing and saying, to what LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY is spouting from every loudspeaker?

That's the fucking problem, not that whites are biologically genetically flawed for some reason. The jews are the authorities. They have a script for every race, class, sex and whatever. And these scrips are mostly followed, and race has nothing to do with that. It's because the script-writers ARE THE AUTHORITY. Most people, in all times and places, for biological reasons, FOLLOW AUTHORITY. IF you want a biological 'flaw,' that's it: conformism to authority. But we know that's socially necessary. What's politically necessary, and you should be working on rather than writing 5k-word Batman reviews, is chopping off the jewish head and replacing it with a genuine Aryan kopf. When the white head returns atop the white body, the body will comply with its wishes. White guilt? Nigga please.

4. All of the above is true, and I am saying it because I believe that it is true, and because I think it is important for White Nationalists to get their heads screwed on straight if we are going to be effective. I think you would prefer to believe that I am lying, but I am not. Sorry to disappoint you.
If so, then you're wrong. But we know that your intent is to form a 501c3, and we know that trimming what you say might help you gain that status. So your motives naturally will be questioned. I mean, why else write this essay at this time? I see no reason other than that status. You tried to have it both ways - to trim the facts while not alienating the many WN who support the fact-finders and gratefully use their discoveries. It appears to me you miscalculated in a number of ways. But I don't think you've learned a darn thing from the reaction to your essay.

5. This controversy is very important. I used to have a rather laissez faire attitude toward the whole range of the WN scene. I had hoped that I could help foster a constructive way for WNs of different stripes to make the best of their different outlooks by networking among themselves and turning their energies toward fighting the enemy rather than one another.
Encouraging whites to blame themselves isn't fighting the enemy, it's helping the enemy. The old and real Greg Johnson would not need me to explain this to him.

Don't listen to Jared Taylor, Dr. Johnson, he is a fraud. Listen to me.

Well, that was not possible given the human material here. But now I think that nothing is more important than to separate what I am doing from Old Right thinking and the milieu that gives birth to people like Hadding Scott
Hadding at WORST is a bit of self-righteous twit who is delusional about the real-world reality of legality. At WORST. But he has done excellent work where it comes to close readings and solid interpretations of Nazi and other history. One might contrast his solid, factual, absolutely unrebutted documentary takedown of the character defective Harold Covington, a man you have promoted without the slightest concern for the libels he's leveled against me and Will Williams and a thousand others. So spare me your sanctimony about how bad Hadding is. We don't allow Covington-level character defectives at our forum; if you make the charges he does, you either back them with facts or get banned. It would be nice if Counter-Currents had a similar policy, but you prefer to keep it a fanboy club where no one outside the echo chamber is allowed to respond. I think that's pathetic and weak.

and Wade Michael Page.
You are a butt-head. Who asked you to comment on Page's actions? The guy gave his life to take out six muds. All you need to do is shut up about it, if you're not going to thank him. Instead of focusing on the kikes who let these non-Whites in, you denounce the white who acted against their anti-white policy. The most basic loyalty seems foreign to you. None of us knew Page, but if he was one of us ideologically, then our political loyalty means we don't denounce him, we use the event to do what is "good for whites," and that means attacking the kikes trying to genocide us through open borders. Maybe if you weren't a christian preacher, you'd feel less compulsion to wring hands and more desire to wring necks, as you should. Look at Golden Dawn going after that fucking Paki rapist. That's what gets women horny and incites in onlooking men the will to fight. That's where political change comes from. Not your little queer mini-books on Batman. Now get out of here, boy.

So as I see it, the propensity to factionalism and infighting is now working in my favor.
Yeah...just another miscalculation. They're flying thick and fast lately.

Keep up the good work.
Now that you can bet on.

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