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Originally Posted by Pierre-Marc View Post
Basel-Stadt is what we call a half-state. The other half is Basel-Landschaft. Stadt means "city" which means leftists and Landschaft means "country-side" which means farmers and peasants. The state split up for this reason in 1833.

Zurich is known as the economic capital of Switzerland. All the Jews live there... There is of course a country-side but the demographics must have played against them.

Zoug hosts a lot of companies and multi-nationals as it's the state where they will have to pay the less taxes. However it was refused there with 50.1%.

Only people with Swiss nationality are allowed to vote. There is, however, at least 700,000 persons alive who have been naturalized.
Excellent explanation, thank you.

In the British Isles in addition to mass immigration we now have the horrible problem of (native) people escaping from the cities into our countryside, such as it is. They are invariably leftists.

Well done to Swiss patriots and Swiss People's Party! Mainstream news outlets now seem in a state of hysteria:

Vote on immigration is huge disappointment
The government says it is a huge blow.

“It is a vote against the business community, and the organizations which represent it – all of which were against the initiative. And finally it’s against the political parties. A lot of them now must be wondering why so many of their supporters haven’t followed them – or only partly – on such essential issues.” Sommaruga continued.

It means that Switzerland will have to abandon its free movement of people treaty with the European Union.
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