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Default Two reasons why the jew is directing brown migration into White home lands

The Department of Homeland Security is currently and covertly in the process of bringing 100's of thousands of border jumpers into towns and cities all over America. The focus is to bring them into mostly white neighborhoods because there will be less backlash as Whites are more docile and deathly afraid of being labeled racist if they resist.
The real purpose our government has in bringing these migrants into America is because our economic system is about to implode.
America needs consumers in order to keep our economy running. With the Baby Boomers dying off and the Millennials who are by definition less materialistic, have far less spendable income then the preceding generation and most importantly the Millennials are not having children in the numbers necessary in order to keep our economic system viable.
Our government is willing to take the risk of having unscreened swarms of people coming into America to offset the economic Armageddon we now face by the lack of consumers.
Our economic system is based upon the movement of money from one hand to the next, and the birth of a child, a single child, moves hundreds of thousands of dollars from one hand to another. The Millennials are simply not having enough children. Almost all of the leftist/jew agenda has conspired to make the Milennials the most childless generation in American history. They push for abortion, same-sex marriage and having no children. All of these things have brought about a lack of consumers.

A nation's economy is dead in the water when no babies are being born.

The migrants are the government's solution to replace the missing babies not here because the Millennials are not having them.
All one need do is open one's eyes to see that the migrants have plenty of children and the Millennials have far fewer by comparison.
The government cannot honestly or candidly tell the people this is the real reason for allowing and facilitating the unfettered migrant flow into America.

The other reason is most likely well known here, and that is to dilute the white population by introducing and promoting increased miscegenation. The calculated genocide of the white race orchestrated by the jew.
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