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Craig Cobb
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Question Randi Kaye-CNN Rat-Faced Dyejob Beady-Orb Kike-ess jewish jew?

Boston U grad-thin bio.
A Large Selection of Sephardic Jewish Surnames
Kaufer Kaufman Kaufmann Kauftheil Kavnat Kawamura Kay Kaye Kazar Kazel Kazes Kazez Kazilsky Keats Kedar Kehat Kehoe Keisler Keissar Keits

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Default If not in blood, in spirit

Any wrinkling female who's getting facetime on a major news broadcast has exerted some kind of pressure to keep her spot. The model's often the tribal one, but I'd expect there's other angles. Regardless, the mere fact that someone unpleasant to look at has cemented a place in front of the camera hints at unsavory dealings.

cnn, jew, jewish, randi kaye


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