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Old July 7th, 2012 #21
The Bobster
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Filthydelphia
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Originally Posted by Steven L. Akins View Post
Howard Sprague was the epitome of the typical, pussy-whipped, effeminized, tool if there ever was one. He was like 40 and still lived with his mother:

As far as I can recall, Otis was the only main character in Mayberry that was married, and he spent all his time getting drunk and sleeping off his hangovers in the Mayberry jail - to get away from his wife.
But it was a nice pussy doing the whipping

Arlene Golonka (born January 23, 1939) played Millie Hutchins (Howard Sprague's girlfirend) on The Andy Griffith Show and Millie Swanson (Sam Jones's girlfriend) on Mayberry R.F.D. Her film appearances include Love with the Proper Stranger, Hang 'em High, Airport '77 and A Family Affair (with Barbara Stuart).


Emmett the fix-it man was married.

The Andy Griffith Show Episode 245: Emmett's Anniversary
Originally Aired on Feb 26, 1968. Average User Rating: 6.7 out of 10 (23 entries).

In a quandary over what to get his wife, Martha for their anniversary, Emmett decides to buy her the fur she's always wanted. Trying to save a few dollars, he goes to Mount Pilot to see Flora's friend in the fur business. While Emmett is sneaking off with Flora, he is spottted by his wife, who thinks he is having an affair. Andy spills the beans to save Emmett's hide, but the plot thickens when Emmett decides against the mink and, with Martha expecting a fur, he returns with a bathrobe. He and Andy do some fancy talking, and Emett rushes back to Mount Pilot to buy the fur.
Old July 7th, 2012 #22
steven clark
Senior Member
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steven clark

I can can pass on Elinor, but she had a good run. Also, curious that Aunt Bea had a New England accent. Like I said, everyone 'acted rural' but not necessarily southern. In the army, I had a Tarheel friend who made some very clear distinctions about North and South Carolina (to him, S, Carolinians were slow).

I remember some hotshot TV show where it had a black sheriff named Andy Taylor...a postmodern in-your-face sneer. They really can't let us alone.

I went to a writer's conference twelve years ago featuring one of the guys who was part of Briscoe Darling's 'boys.' He was pumping a book he wrote about southern humor, and said the set was always a lot of fun to be on, and Griffith was a great, down to earth guy to work with.

The guy was very sick, however, coughing and almost collapsing. He was expected to moderate the conference and obviously wasn't told about it. It got me angry. I know they needed a celebrity, but the poor man was sick.

Andy should have married Ellie and the show brought her back. That Ellen Crump was a real cold fish. Reminds me of the shrew my brother married.
Old July 7th, 2012 #23
Steven L. Akins
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: The Heart of Dixie
Posts: 13,170

The replacement of the cute, young, fresh-faced, female character Ellie Walker (who looked all of 18 years old compared to Andy Griffith who was pushing 40) probably had something to do with the show's Jewish producers wanting a stronger, more dominant, feminist character in the form of the authortarian Helen Crump, as the show was originally aired during the 1960's when submissive females were out, and bitchy, demanding females were in, or at least were being pushed on the goyim by the tribe.
Old July 7th, 2012 #24
N.B. Forrest
Senior Member
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N.B. Forrest

Originally Posted by Steven L. Akins View Post
It's not too late, she's still around:

Elinor Donohue, who played Ellie Walker, Andy Taylor's original sweetheart (before the bitchy Helen Crump came along) is still around too, in case you and Steven Clark want to make a foursome of it:

You just wanna tweezer Wee Stevie as we do.


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