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Default Jews In Italy Afraid Of Beppe Grillo

James Lewis is almost certainly a kike, Beppe Grillo has welcomed Nationalists from Casapound and takes on the Jew, and he is up to 23% in the Italian polls! Prepare to hear about this guy as much as Golden Dawn when they get into parliament.

1. High-flying jets spray mind-altering chemicals over Rome to drive Italians crazy. Those are the jet "chemtrails" you can see overhead.

2. A good bloodletting will purify your body and cure any disease. This is the word of God. But flu vaccines are dangerous.

3. The Islamic Development Bank gives away free money to deserving borrowers.

4. The Jews are a small, wandering minority of Arabs who stole the Holy Land from the others 2,500 years ago.

5. They now run the world through the Illuminati, the Masonic Lodges, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.

6. The Jews are responsible for Italy's mess, because they own the banks that charge usurious interest rates.

7. The woman-hating mullahs in Iran represent ancient Persian civilization, the most advanced culture in the world.

8. Cancer chemotherapy is a Big Pharma conspiracy to kill patients.

9. GMO food will kill you, along with nanoparticles.

10. The Jews who run the world need to be "processed" en masse. Grillo supporters will not define "processed," but they love the idea. Whatever it means.

11. Beppe Grillo can save Italy by nationalizing the banks and cutting off trade to Europe. The fact that Italy is physically part of Europe is no impediment.

Read more:
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Thad Charles
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Thad Charles

"Processed"! Ha! I'm stealing that.

For a conspiracy crank type of guy he sure does mention the Jews a lot. That's new. #6 is 90% of the problem.
"What are they? A religion, a race, a criminal conspiracy?" - Craig 'Chain' Cobb on the jews
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Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement becomes Italy's election success story

"By any standards, and whatever happens, Beppe Grillo and the Five Star Movement (M5S) have emerged from Italy's general election as big winners."

"Because of the way the electoral system works – favouring alliances Grillo shuns – the M5S will not be the overall victor. But projections suggested it could get more votes than any other party, and could hold the balance of power in the upper house, the Senate. 'Honesty will be fashionable again,' Grillo declared on Twitter, as the projections began to emerge."

"The M5S, founded in 2009, grew out of what were initially Grillo fan clubs. Their members were encouraged to organise face-to-face encounters through the Meetup website."

Italy braced for political deadlock

"The upstart anti-establishment Five Star Movement, founded only three years ago by the comedian-blogger Beppe Grillo, was on course to stage the biggest shock by garnering the largest number of votes of any single party. With all but 2 per cent of polling stations reporting, the grassroots movement was leading on 25.5 per cent, a few thousand votes ahead of the centre-left Democrat party."

"However, the Democrats were narrowly on course to take a majority in the lower house thanks to their smaller allies putting them ahead with 29.62 per cent of the vote, against 29.1 per cent for Mr Berlusconi’s alliance. The Five Star Movement went into the elections alone."

"But the nation was torn three ways between Mr Grillo and his band of political novices, Pier Luigi Bersani’s centre-left coalition and Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right alliance, raising the prospect of a second election within months."

"While some politicians were already speaking of another poll to break the deadlock, others expressed the fear that the Five Star Movement would only gain in strength."

"Angelino Alfano, People of Liberty secretary, said the result was within the 'margin of error' and therefore 'too close to call'."

"'It is impossible to declare a winner of this election,' Mr Alfano said, demanding a review of the results."
Old February 26th, 2013 #4
N.B. Forrest
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N.B. Forrest

Originally Posted by Thad Charles View Post
"Processed"! Ha! I'm stealing that.

For a conspiracy crank type of guy he sure does mention the Jews a lot. That's new. #6 is 90% of the problem.
Yeah, it's a good 'un. I'm also partial to "rendered".

Golden Dawn - and now this. Apparently the Mussolini calendar vote came out in force.

"Attention, jews! Line up single-file for Processing - no, there's no time to pack suitcases. Your belongings will be, uh, processed later. No talking!"
"First: Do No Good." - The Hymiecratic Oath

"The man who does not exercise the first law of nature—that of self preservation — is not worthy of living and breathing the breath of life." - John Wesley Hardin
Old February 26th, 2013 #5
Hunter Morrow
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Hunter Morrow

I like this guy already. Sharp for a comedian.

Reading this guy's Wikipedia page, he's a nut of the very finest kind.

1987, He played the Prime Minister of Italy(Who was a Socialist) on a sketch satirizing the Prime Minister's visit to china.
Grillo as Prime Minister Craxi asks the Chinese government "If all the Chinese people are socialist, whom do you steal from?"

He was thrown off for t.v. for that, came back in the 1990s, didn't pull any punches and got thrown off again.

On 8 September 2007, he organized a "V‑Day Celebration" in Italy; the "V" stood for vaffanculo ("fuck off"). During the rally, Grillo projected the names of two dozen Italian politicians who had been convicted of crimes ranging from corruption and tax evasion to abetting a murder. More than 2 million Italians participated in this rally.[4] Grillo also used this rally to urge Italians to sign a petition calling for the introduction of a Bill of Popular Initiative to remove members of the Italian Parliament who have criminal convictions of any kind from their office.[5] According to Internet scholars, V‑day was the first case in Italian history of a political demonstration developed and promoted via word–of–mouth mobilization on the blogosphere and the social networking services.[6]
Love it.


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